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With years of experience, we understood that the best way to provide a quality product at decent price is to work on the product in-house. We offer customized sizes of carbon fiber parts.


3-D Printing

We had a problem with availability of proper 3-D printers and related services around us. We currently have a set of customized 3-D printers of various sizes.


Proof of concept

We have an amazing team who are always ready for new challenges. We are asked for specific systems which we are happy to provide solutions for.

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We have developed designs for various types of drones for various applications with defined payloads. We made sure that they follow all DGCA regulations for customers in India



We have years of experience in manufacturing dealing with composites and plastics for fixed wing as well as hobby drones for various commercial and defence purposes


Software and Application

We have a specific team of software engineers and electrical engineers specialized to deal with controls and interface for any problem we have to tackle

Services: Features
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